Succession Planning

At LCA accounting Linda Crawford has had over  39 years’ experience in helping farming families.

A significant part of my life’s work has been to guide such families on the issues closest to their heart – the welfare of loved ones; legacy; intergenerational planning and importantly, the future of their farm.
Here at LCA Accounting, we understand these issues intimately. It’s why we’ve chosen to specialise in them. Quite simply, they are too important to leave in the “too hard basket” or potentially even worse, to be entrusted to advisers who lack our experience.

Our House Views on Estate Planning and Farm Succession

Our overall aim is to nurture and maintain happy families throughout any estate planning and farm succession process.
Accordingly, the process we use is designed to ensure everyone’s point of view is heard and considered. We find this approach results in a sustainable, fair outcome.
A good sign that this has been achieved is that you remain active participants in each other’s weddings, christenings and other significant family occasions long after the process has been completed. 
We believe that all this is best achieved without recourse to expensive and harmful litigation.

A thorough understanding of your objectives

Optimal solutions only come from knowing all parts of the puzzle, both factual and emotional. We take the time to understand, then document, the objectives. Thereafter we are skilled at helping clients reach consensus on what is to be achieved. 

So, our starting point is to help you define the optimal solution. The mission thereafter is to achieve it, or failing that, an acceptable variation.

If this sounds like it would suit your family give us a call today.

Succession FAQs

1. Is it possible to make it equal for everyone?

It may not be possible to make it equal for everyone but it could be made FAIR for everyone.  Equal and Fair are not always the same thing.

2. Are the off farm children considered?

Absolutely – the whole family is included and involved in the process.

3. Do I really need to involve a Solicitor?

The short answer is YES you will but the aim is to have the plan as organised as possible prior to involving the solicitor.

4. Will we ever be able to come to an agreement?

Yes you will if you listen to each other and understand everyone will have A different opinion.  There will be compromises by all sides but communication is the answer. Taking all your concerns to the joint family meetings and not waiting to after the meeting to complain you weren’t listed to you must have your say at the meeting but you must also let everyone else have their say.

5. How long does this process take?

It is different for each family it depends on the number of people/families involved and how complex the issues are.  Usually 6 to 9 months with a number of meetings along the way allowing time for everyone to digest the information and decide what is best for you.

"We answer emails and
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– Linda Crawford (Director & Principal)