Tax returns

While a lot of accounting firms don’t encourage individual personal tax returns we are the opposite. We enjoy helping wage and salary earners prepare their annual tax returns.

To us it’s more than putting the numbers on the paper, anyone can do that, we want to make sure you claim all the expenses you are entitled to. But there is more than that, we also do our annual financial check up with you at the same time. We ensure you have your wills and Power of Attorney up to date, your beneficiary is named in your superfund, your superfunds are consolidated and so much more.

Wagga accountant

We specialise in the returns for:

  • Retail employees
  • The Army , Air Force and Navy employees
  • Hospital and health industry employees
  • Administration employees
  • Building and contractors
  • Truck drivers
  • Students and those with claims for self education
  • Apprentices
  • Self funded retirees
  • Pensioners
  • People with Foreign income and pensions
  • Small self employed people who are not registered for GST

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