LCA Accounting House Rules

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to see first hand what successful businesses do. We have worked with them, guided them, and enjoyed being part of their success.

What we’ve found is that success leaves clues – so much so that we have identified what successful businesses do and we encourage all clients to follow this example.

We expect all clients to follow these rules as we know how effective they are in the long term business success.

  1. Reconcile all bank accounts at least monthly
  2. Learn how to read your accounting program so you know at all times where your business is up to
  3. Put GST, PAYGW, personal income tax and employees super money away in savings account until it’s due. This is not your money it belongs to the ATO
  4. Lodge and pay your BAS, IAS and income tax on time, if you need an extension of time to pay the ATO to call our office for assistance
  5. Call us if you need advice and then listen and act on that advice
  6. Return our phone calls and emails in a timely manner
  7. Come to your tax planning meeting with us. It’s here we discuss not just vital tax planning measures but take stock of your business and progress towards your goals. This is a meeting not to be missed.
  8. Set your business goals and have a plan as to how to achieve them

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